Chia, Sardinia: Dunes and Turquoise Waters

Known for its beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, and great weather all the way up to October, this is a top destination for those who’d like to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a very special place. A short drive by car from Cagliari, you find Chia (Sardinia) and the journey itself could not be more beautiful.

Quiet roads lead you towards the famous “Costa del Sud”, the Southern Coast of Sardinia, with its stunning pale sands, quaint islands and miles of unspoilt beaches.

With their shallow waters, all the beaches along the Chia coast are particularly frequented by families with children and by underwater fishing and diving enthusiasts.

The Bay of Chia (Sardinia) is home to several of the best beaches in Sardinia– with turquoise water, fine sand and child-friendly water.

Here are the five most beautiful beaches of the Chia coast to be included in your bucket list

Cala Zafferano Beach (Military Area)

This is my favourite one. Cala Zafferano Beach is probably the most spectacular beach on the entire South West, with its white sand and most of all the incredible colour of the water.

Unfortunately, this beach is right in the military zone, which comprises the entire cape (Capo Teulada), meaning it is accessible only by sea and only in the summer months, with restrictions as well (you can’t usually land on the beach or if you do you can’t stay very long for the military may come and kick you out).

You need to rent a speedboat from either the port of Teulada or the beach bar at Portu Tramatzu Beach to get there, but its’ really worth the trip, as navigating around the Cape is a stunning experience.

Porto Pino Beach (White Sand Dunes)

This beach is truly one of a kind. Porto Pino Beach is past the cape, Capo Teulada and is therefore the first beach on the western coast of Sardinia.

Still partially within the Military Zone but a lot more accessible year round than Zafferano Beach it has some of the most spectacular white sand dunes in the Mediterranean.

Not by chance it is also known as White Sands Beach or ‘the Dunes‘. You get there by driving along the Military Zone on the main road past the crossroads with Teulada, going west.

Piscinni Beach – Cow Beach

Moving west towards Teulada, the next beach is Piscinni Beach, also known as the ‘Cow beach for the amazing number of cows that lay in the sun during the off season!

Cala Cipolla Beach -protected from the wind-

Cala Cipolla is undoubtedly the most striking beaches in the south of the island. A beach surrounded by wild nature and rocks that protect it from the wind.

On a windy day, Cala Cipolla is one of the very few beaches whose particular shape and setting makes the water calm and protected, so it’s ideal for families with kids and for those looking for a small piece of the tranquil sea. The beach is small though, so it can get crowded quickly.

Su Giudeu Beach – surf lovers-

It is very popular for lovers of surfing and windsurfing, but also for those who love scuba diving. Very wild, it is also often visited by unexpected flamingos. It’s a stunning beach and in the summer you find beach chairs, umbrellas, sun beds, a beach café and plenty of room in the entire beach not to feel overcrowded even in the peak month of August.

Best time to visit Sardinia

Sardinia has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot and dry summers.

The best time to visit Sardinia are the months of May, June, September and October
less crowded and very pleasant temperatures
Sardinia is typically very windy, enough to be named the island of wind.

Thanks to the presence of the wind high temperatures are made more bearable along the coastal areas, while inland areas are more affected by the heat peaks because of the attenuation of the winds.
The average maximum temperature in July and August reach 30 ° to 35 ° on the hottest days.

Chia Hotels – Where to Stay

capo spartivento

Best luxury hotel: Faro Capo Spartivento 5*

Lighthouse experience

Faro Capo Spartivento offers a unique opportunity to stay at a working lighthouse. The property has a breathtaking view of the ocean, cliffs, and mountain It has 2 outdoor pools, a restaurant and an underground cinema. In the daytime a free shuttle service to the beach is offered.

Rooms from € 525/night

chia village

Best mid-range hotel: Chia Laguna – Hotel Village 4*

Perfect for families

The Chia Laguna – Hotel Village is part of the large Chia Laguna resort on the most southern tip of Sardinia. It offers a central square full of boutiques and a wide choice of restaurants, bars and sports activities. A shuttle service takes you to the beach and children have a mini club, children’s pool and playground. Children have a dedicated area and menu in the restaurant.

Rooms from € 230/night

acqua sassa

Best budget hotel: S’Acqua Sassa Resort 3*, Teulada

Lovely location

Located in one of Sardinia’s most unspoilt areas, close to some of the most beautiful coasts on the island, lies S’Acqua Sassa, a pretty complex in the hills of Teulada. S’Acqua Sassa is composed of independent buildings grouped around a central piazza. Here you can enjoy drinks and relax.Set in the Sardinian hills, this property is 2 km from sea and 20 minutes’ drive from the island’s most popular white sandy beaches.

Rooms from € 105/night

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