Top things to do in Salina island

Salina island is called the “green pearl” for the richest vegetation of the whole archipelago, making it an unmissable destination for all the lovers of the nature.

In fact, Salina island is famous for its Natural Reserve which covers half of its surface and can be reached by following the awesome naturalistic itineraries dedicated to both expert and novice ramblers who want to enjoy the enchanting view on the isle and on the close islands of Panarea and Stromboli.

With its three towns, Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni, it is the second largest Aeolian island, with little more than 2,300 inhabitants.

Stone streets, pebble beaches and the two 13,000 year old dormant volcanoes, olive groves, caper bushes, lush, fig and citrus trees, this is Salina.

If you love hiking, don’t miss: Mount Fossa delle Felci

Fossa delle felci is the highest peak of the whole archipelago, called so because of the namesake lush plant, rises about 968 meters high upon the sea level; that is why it is not rare to see it covered with snow during the winter period.

Once reached the peak, a wonderful landscape appears on the horizon: Sicilian coasts dominated by Etna, Alicudi, Filicudi, Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari, and Vulcano constitute a frame for a sumptuousness of the crater, the real demonstration of the volcanic origin of the island. Various are the paths leading to the peak. Walking time: 2 hours.

If you love diving, don’t miss: Shoal of Pollara and its beach

Various are the sites where to immerge in Salina, each of it encloses a unique fashion, and always different emotions.

The immersion takes place 100m from the coast, near to the stack, a clear evidence of the volcanic origin of the bay.

The underwater vision of this reef is really unique, the walls are inhabited by morays, octopuses, and small groupers.

Once arrived at the depth of 25 meters, the shallow starts, characterized by a sandy seabed, alternated to small rocks covered with Poseidonia.

The most beautiful beach is undoubtedly that of Pollara (where several scenes of Il Postino were filmed), at the northern end of the island, near the homonymous village.

It’s characterized by a coastline of rocks and gravel for the dark-coloured volcanic origin and is easily accessible by sea, while it is rather challenging by land.

If you love food:

Salina is best known for three products: fish, capers and a sweet dessert wine called Malvasia delle Lipari. Capers are an essential ingredient in much of the local cooking, adding a certain piquancy to fish dishes, and are often combined in recipes with anchovies and olives.

Traditionally the island’s capers were preserved in salt gathered from a small salt lake (Salina in Italian – hence the island’s modern name) situated south of the town of Santa Marina.

Salina island tips:

-We suggest you to always rent a car or a motor scooter during your stay because the towns are far from each other. Salina is the ideal island for families and couples and for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday in the countryside.

-Hotels are not so numerous, even though new accommodations and B&Bs have been created in recent years. There are instead many self catering holiday houses of average quality and comfort located in the three municipalities. We suggest you to book in time, if you prefer spending your vacation close to the sea.

The Lipari, Salina ferry route connects the islands. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Liberty Lines Fast Ferries. The crossing operates up to 13 times each day with sailing durations from around 20 minutes.

Salina Hotels – Where to Stay

Best luxury hotel: Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia 5*, Malfa

The idyllic Italian island getaway

A luxurious, five-star boutique resort on the island of Salina; a stay at Capofaro is almost overwhelmingly magical, unavoidably romantic – just the thing for a very special romantic getaway.
Set amidst a working vineyard producing Malvasia wine, Capofaro is arguably the best boutique hotel on Salina Island.
A huddle of low white buildings look out past the vines to the deep blue shimmer of the ocean. Guests recline by the decked pool, and at night the view from the restaurant stretches to the horizon, where sparks fly dramatically from the distant volcano of Stromboli.

Best mid-range hotel: Principe di Salina Hotel 4*, Malfa

A romantic holiday far from ordinary

This small charming hotel on the Island of Salina, one of the seven pearls of the Aeolian Islands, is perfect for relaxing and wellness holidays.
The whitewashed interiors are reminiscent of a Greek getaway, but don’t be fooled, the hotel’s all about creating authentic Italian experiences. It is surrounded by vineyards and has a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi with thermal water and panoramic terraces with sea view.

Best budget hotel: Hotel l’Ariana 4*, Leni

The Luxury of simplicity

Built in the beginning of the 1900’s and situated on rocks sloping into the sea, it has the charm of a colonial villa and the comforts of a modern hotel. 15 comfortable rooms furnished with taste help to make your stay magical: large terraces and windows open panoramic views that range over the islands of Lipari, Vulcano, Filicudi up to the wonderful Sicilian coast and the imposing peak of Mount Etna.

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