Cilento Beaches- The best beaches of Southern Italy

Ever heard about Cilento beaches? People who have had the chance to visit it know it’s a real paradise for sustainable tourism. Among strolls along the coast, unique beaches, km-0 delicacies and eco-friendly accommodation, it’s impossible to resist!

Along the Cilento coast, it’s easy to find a number of peaceful and welcoming seaside towns where life moves a little quiet just like the lapping waters of their small harbours.

Marina di Camerota is one of our favourite towns, it represents everything Cilento is known for: a jewel nestled in between open nature and incredible sea.

Its wonderful beaches are doubtless the main attractions, real gems from Cilento whose white sands and pristine waters bewitch their several visitors.

Some of the most peculiar Cilento beaches are accessible via water only, whereas the larger ones can be reached on foot, walking through amazing paths surrounded by olive trees and by the Mediterranean forest.

Here a list of the absolute best Cilento beaches near Marina di Camerota.

Lentiscelle beach:

To the south of the town of Marina di Camerota, Lentiscelle beach definitely deserves a visit. Easy to get to, it’s almost all sandy. It is considered an ideal destination for families, but also for snorkelling enthusiasts, to be practiced strictly close to the cliff.

Its crystal-clear waters allow you identifying fish of all kinds very easily. This location is also interesting from a historical point of view. La Grotta della Cala, for instance, is considered of great interest by Prehistory scholars.

Pozzallo beach

Continuing the journey through the most beautiful Cilento beaches, a stop at Pozzallo is a must. Easier to reach by boat, a little less by traditional means, it stands as a triumph of nature.

And it is perhaps its challenging accessibility that enables the preservation of such beauty. The beaches are mostly made up of sand and pebbles, its coves are inviting. If you love snorkelling, there is nothing better than diving into Cave of Pozzallo: you will be “greeted” by starfish and an incredible variety of fish.

Troncone beach

Not far from the village, the Troncone beach is also popular. Also in this case, the view is worthy of a postcard. Very popular with naturists, this beach is synonymous with relaxation.

It is peaceful, devoid of those beaches where much is played all day long. Overall, the sea is beautiful and the beach is fabulous.
You can choose a beach as a reference point, or look for a stretch of public beach. The Troncone beach is chosen above all by those who love sunbathing in absolute freedom.

Cala Bianca

Continuing the journey to discover the beaches of this corner of Cilento (proceeding south of Marina di Camerota), you cannot skip a stop at Cala Bianca. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It is not easy to reach.

But the extra effort pays off with the spectacle that presents itself before your eyes: a true oasis of peace and beauty, blessed with crystal clear waters. No despair for the lazy ones: they can always organize themselves and get there by boat in this magnificent bay.

Certainly, for those who like to swim this is the ideal place. A swim in the waters of Cala Bianca is a rejuvenating experience and, in some ways, surprising: in some places the water is warmer, due to some freshwater springs in the area.

Cala degli Infreschi

Another noteworthy beach is located east of Marina di Camerota. It is the Cala degli Infreschi, the bay at the northern end of the Gulf of Policastro. Cala degli Infreschi is a small cove in the Cilento area and is mainly composed of rocks.

A truly impressive swimming spot, Cala degli Infreschi is perfect for snorkelling. The entire area of Punta degli Infreschi is a Protected Nature Reserve where you will be able to admire hundreds of wonderful species of flora and fauna.

The beach Cala degli Infreschi is so known because of the different temperature of sea water, in fact, on the surface the water is cooler and as you descend deep it is warmer.Thanks to the myriad of colours and breathtaking scenery, this beach absolutely must be seen.

You can reach the beach by boat, the bay is quiet thanks to the fact that anchoring is forbidden and only 16 boats at a time can moor at the four buoys present. Otherwise, if you don’t mind walking, you can take from Pozzallo a hiking path that takes you there in about 4 hours.

Cilento Beaches Travel Tips

  • Marina di Camerota is not only famous for its beaches. You should not definitely miss out a visit at the historic centre of Marina di Camerota with its sprawling alleyways surrounding San Domenico Square, where lots of events such as concerts and shows have been held during the summer season.
  • Take a look at the local handicraft shops to buy “mammole”, famous porous jugs that keep the water fresh at all time.
  • This area also makes the best mozzarella in Italy – you can tour a mozzarella farm here, tasting hand-shaped cheese
  • Don’t miss to visit the interesting archeological area of Paestum with its stunning Greek temples

Best time to visit Cilento

The sunny region of Cilento enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate, which means that from May to September you will find plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures for your seaside vacation. Even during July or August, you can enjoy the coast in peace and solitude by hiring a private boat to explore the hidden coves and beaches along the Cilento Coast or by hiking the trails along the mountain slopes above the coast, far from the tourist crush.

Cilento Hotels – Where to Stay

Best luxury hotel: Mec Paestum Hotel 5*, Paestum

A luxurious base for trips

Mec Paestum Hotel is situated 800 m from the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site and the National Archaeological Museum in Paestum. On-site facilities include a large sun terrace, outdoor swimming pool and a heated, crystal pool with hydromassage functions which make for a perfect day relaxing in the sun. There is also a private beach area well-equipped with all facilities. Ideal as a luxurious base for trips to the surrounding area, nearby you will find interesting sites such as Pompei and Herculaneum, as well as the Pertosa caves and any number of the pretty towns located on the stunning Amalfi coast.

Best mid-range hotel: Hotel il Cefalo 3*, Ogliastro Marina- Castellabate

A Relaxing Stay for Nature Lovers

Ogliastro is a small fishing village entirely surrounded by nature in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park.The bay is the perfect natural landing framed by the Mediterranean scrub. From the hotel you can enjoy a unique and suggestive panoramic view overlooking the hills over the sea At the hotel, all rooms are equipped with a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Best budget hotel: Villaggio Turistico Elea , Ascea

Perfect for a family stay

Offering a free private beach area, organised entertainment and plenty of sports activities, Villaggio Turistico Elea is set in Cilento National Park. It offers bungalows scattered throughout the park.
Bungalows are made of brick and are simply furnished. The park is full of flowers and olive trees and includes a children’s playground.

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