Sardinia Honeymoon: The 10 Most Romantic Places  on the Island

Sardinia is the perfect setting for a fabulous honeymoon. It’s a very romantic island in the heart of the Mediterranean; if are looking for beautiful beaches, fabulous food and mountain adventures, then a Sardinia honeymoon will be perfect for you.

Bays of soft white sand lapped by turquoise waters call the beach lovers, foodies can indulge in rich, flavoursome Italian cuisine, and adventurers can explore the rugged interior, where stunning inland lakes and tall peaks await.

Sardinia offers a unique magical atmosphere for happy newlyweds to enjoy their first holiday together to start off married life:
Relax by the pool, sip cocktails watching the sunset, enjoy a sumptuous Sardinian dinner, and walk hand in hand on a deserted beach in the balmy evening air, away from it all… The stunning surroundings, splendid food and wine are sure to make you fall in love with the destination as well as each other.

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Here is a list of the 10 top romantic places in Sardinia, perfects if you want to spend some days with your loved one. Take a look!

Romance in the city: Cagliari

Despite being the largest city in Sardinia, Cagliari has still managed to retain its laid-back vibes and old-world charm. Cagliari is ideal for those looking for a romantic city getaway.

There are plenty of vibrant restaurants, bars, cafes and numerous shops. For breathtaking views, you can explore Cagliari’s famous hilltop citadel.

The hilltop citadel, “Il Castello”, is Cagliari’s historic district and old quarter lined with narrow winding streets, 14th century palaces and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

It can’t possibly get any more charming than this! As golden hues illuminate medieval walls, Il Castello turns into the most romantic place at sunset.

Faro Capo Spartivento (lighthouse) – a Romantic Haven

“Discover your soul and lose it forever because it is here it will want to remain” – seeing the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento you might get the impression this is exactly true.

After driving through granite cliffs and sand dunes that originate from the world’s vastest desert of Sahara and from the beautiful beaches of Chia you will reach one of the most romantic locations of Sardegna.

Dining on the terrace overlooking the cliffs where the east and south coast converge, you will be able to see the sun set slowly in the late evening and setting the whole coast on fire with its orange and red lights just before disappearing under the blue sea.

The only lights remaining thereafter will be the candle lights all around the infinity pool, and the lighthouse’s beacon silently revealing its location to boats and night sea-travellers.
If you love this romantic atmosphere, you can overnight here for a unique experience!

Today, Faro Capo-Spartivento is the only Italian lighthouse that offers accommodation, promising a truly unique experience for your Sardinia honeymoon: a new concept of luxury, where exclusivity and authenticity come together, visit website

La Casitta -Lunch on a Private Island

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to arrive on a small island and being almost the only visitor there for a very special lunch?
By approaching the National Park of La Maddalena, the water around the islands is so clear that yachts and boats look like floating on air.

Among them, the small isle of Santa Maria looks more like belonging to the Seychelles or the Caribbean than being a Mediterranean Island, white fine sandy beaches framed by granite stones shaped by the wind and sea and the colour of the water is incredibly turquoise.

The secluded restaurant of La Casitta – it can be reached by boat or helicopter only – is one of the best-kept secrets of Costa Smeralda and is located right at the heart of this natural paradise.
Fresh catch of the day is the house speciality, accompanied by one of the many delicious wines of Sardegna. Enjoy this private island with your love for unforgettable moments during your Sardinia honeymoon!

A unique sailing cruise

The Archipelago of La Maddalena, the National Marine Park, is located in the northeast of Sardinia in the Gallura region near the world-famous Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) with the most exclusive luxury resorts, and near Corsica, from which it separates the Bonifacio Strait.

It consists of 68 islands and islets, the largest of which are La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli and Spargi.

Here the virgin beauty of the islands creates a real paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean: the water is so transparent that in some places it’s possible to see the bottom up to 10 meters deep!

The picturesque landscapes of the islands, surrounded by natural sculptural granite rocks of amazing shape have become a symbol of the archipelago. Don’t miss the magnificent wild beaches of Budelli Island, world famous for its pink sand.
Daily tours with small groups up to 12 pax are provided in a sailing ship from Palau around the Archipelago of La Maddalena and on the motorboat to Corsica from Palau or Isola Rossa. Lunch and drinks on board are included. . Duration is from 9:30 a.m. till 17:30 p.m. Visit website

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Treat yourselves like a VIP in Porto Cervo -The Emerald Coast-

The coastal area of Costa Smeralda is sure to impress with its sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere and the impressive town of Porto Cervo. Porto Cervo, is where you’ll find the most luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping malls. Spend your evening at Piazzetta, Porto Cervo and unwind with a beverage at some of the most elegant bars and restaurants in Sarlong Dinia.

Why not treat yourselves to some delicious Sardinian cuisine, such as the local speciality of porchetta otherwise known as suckling pig, over a glass of Mirto followed by Limoncello. If you fancy a quieter atmosphere away from the bustling town of Costa Smeralda, you can head to San Pantaleo and Arzachena.

Gola Su Gorropu – for adventure lovers

Also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, Gola Su Gorropu is located in Flumineddu Valley, a 30-minute drive away from Cala Gonone.
Gorropu is the ideal location if you feel like spending a day doing a little canyoning in the heart of one of the most beautiful national parks of the Mediterranean – red earth plains dotted by the ruins of Nuragic constructions and mystical prehistoric tombs, granite mountains and green rivers.

Local legends tell that the 600 meters deep canyon is home to Sa Mama de Su Gorropu – Gorropu’s Mother – a fearful creature, which however does not seem to be of any harm.

Another interesting fact unsupported by scientific proof is that many shepherds swear that on particular days and from a determined point in the canyon it is possible to see the stars in the sky even during daytime. If you are ready for adventure, make sure to wear trekking shoes, water and a lunch box.

Castelsardo – a romantic dinner in a medieval village

Castelsardo is ideal if you feel like going back in time and spending an evening strolling through one of the most suggestive Medieval towns of Sardinia.

Standing on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Asinara, in the north west of Sardinia, Castelsardo is a medieval village widely renown as one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Holding each other’s hand while walking around is the best way to discover countless small shops and taverns where to taste high quality recipes enriched with a glass of wine and the usual conviviality of locals.

The narrow roads leading on top of the hill will take you through the ancient town – made up of stone houses dating back many centuries – to the Doria Castle, which was built in 1270 and now hosts the Mediterranean Basketwork and Weaving Museum – very interesting to visit just for its architecture alone.

On the hilltop, just next to the Doria Castle, a small restaurant (website) serves the best fish in town while from the terrace you can enjoy the sunset over the Asinara Bay.

Alghero – for a romantic stroll at sunset

Alguer – as it was called during the Catalan presence – accounts for 44.000 inhabitants and stands in the province of Sassari.

Couples who choose Alghero for their Sardinia honeymoon, will love to get lost in the picturesque architecture of its old town overlooking the sea, between narrow streets and ancient traditions.

If you’d like to spend an afternoon walking through the suggestive Medieval streets of one of the most beautiful town of Italy, then Alghero is your destination.

Walk through the ancient heart of the city to discover small boutiques of local artists or along the Catalan city walls dating back to the XIV century AC to enjoy the view over the open sea and the refreshing mildly salty air blowing during hot afternoons.

At lunch and dinner time the streets are enriched by the seducing perfumes coming from a multitude of restaurants offering a wide variety of food.

Top speciality of the local cuisine is the Lobster Catalan style, a recipe dating back to the time when the town was under Spanish rule – inhabitants still speak a Catalan dialect nowadays and feel a strong spiritual connection to Catalunia. You can finish your day with a kiss to your love when the sun sets behind one of the most beautiful landscapes of the coastline!

Romantic bays in Sardinia

Boasting numerous white sandy beaches and azure waters in Sardinia you can find the perfect spot to relax and swim.

Sunning yourselves on the sand and dipping yourself in an out of the warm sea is the ideal scenario for you and your partner to unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.

You will be spoilt for choice with so many glorious beaches in both the north and south of the island. If you are looking for uncontaminated nature and romantic beaches here our favourite ones:

Cala Mariolu – Golfo di Orosei
This beautiful cove is located in the Gulf of Orosei and is a true Mediterranean jewel. The contrast of the crystalline sea to the golden beach offers an idyllic landscape. The only ways to reach it are by sea or through a difficult trekking path.

Cala Cipolla – Chia
Among the most suggestive beaches of Chia, in the south of Sardinia, lies this enchanting beach surrounded by two pink granite promontories which stretch towards the sea, forming a natural pool.
Contrary to Cala Mariolu, Cala Cipolla is easily reached on foot, along a path from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of a boundless and crystalline sea.

Cala Sinzias – Villasimus
This wonderful cove is surrounded by mountains made up of dense eucalypti, juniper and pine trees. It seems to be an exotic beach only 20 minutes from Costa Rei and 30 minutes from Villasimius, a real paradise at your fingertips.

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Sardinia Honeymoon: the Most Romantic Hotels in Sardinia

Sardinia is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the Mediterranean offering Sardinian charm, sophistication, luxury and excellent service.

If you are looking for somewhere special to take your loved one, then I would recommend the five-star Hotel Capo d’Orso Thalasso & Spa located in Cala Capra Bay, four kilometres from the town of Palau in the northeast of the island.

Looking out over the La Maddalena Archipelago, this exclusive hotel is surrounded by stunning beaches and offers fantastic facilities, high quality service and outstanding dining.

The Hotel Capo d’Orso enjoys a unique location, perfect for experiencing the jet-set atmosphere of the Costa Smeralda whenever you want, and then retreating and enjoying the luxury of the privacy and total relaxation offered by the hotel and its marvellous private park.

With breakfast served to the calming sound of a harp what could be a more romantic start to your day?

There are two beaches of the hotel and a private marina offering boat hire and boat excursions. If you simply wish to relax then why not spend some time together in the Thalasso and Spa wellness centre?

The elegant and sophisticated Thalasso Centre & SPA has three external swimming pools, including a prestigious Jacuzzi pool set between the rocks.

All the pools use seawater at different temperatures and a range of hydromassage jets varying in intensity to give you a personalized circuit.

There is also a gazebo amidst the Mediterranean maquis for guests to enjoy open-air treatments, a Turkish bath, an elegant relaxation area with sun loungers and 10 airy modern chalets for the latest in massages and Thalassotherapy treatments, website

Best time to visit Sardinia – Always!

We can confirm that you can visit the island all year long, in any season you will find it so different and special.

Sardinia is not only an amazing summer destination for the beach holidays but one of the most interesting places to discover: millennial history, culture, and traditions, food and wine, sights, nature.

Autumn and spring are the best periods to explore the true and authentic Sardinia, visiting typical villages or main towns full of events and things to do. Sardinia will surprise you for sure!

Sardinia Romantic Hotels – Where to Stay

Best luxury hotel: Villa del Golfo Lifestyle Resort 5*, Cannigione

Enjoy breathtaking views across the turquoise sea

Villa del Golfo is a great choice for a luxurious Sardinia honeymoon. The privileged location overlooking the beautiful sea of the Emerald Coast makes it a beautiful place to relax and restore the body and the spirit, a few steps from the exclusive Costa Smeralda. Chhose the Luxury Suites Sea View with private pool – romantically inserted between the granite rocks typical of the Costa Smeralda, they offer spectacular view. The exclusivity of services will ensure the success of your dream holiday. The service is personalized and attentive to every need: for every requirement, a butler will be at your complete disposal. They’re suitable for those seeking a romantic retreat, where spending their vacation peacefully, without sacrificing the pleasure and convenience offered by high-level services.

Rooms from € 350/night

Best mid-range hotel: Petra Segreta Resort & Spa 5*, San Pantaleo

The perfect romantic ambiance for a glamorous honeymoon

Petra Segreta is a romantic refuge to celebrate your honeymoon in Sardinia in a magic atmosphere surrounded by unspoiled Sardinian nature.In a hillside hamlet amid juniper bushes, white granite boulders and Holm oaks, Petra Segreta Resort & Spa’s traditional stazzi farmhouse buildings offer charm and calm on the idyllic Costa Smeralda. This boutique hotel is a romantic retreat close to Olbia’s beautiful beaches. To sample the best of Sardinian cuisine, look no further than the hotel’s restaurant.

Rooms from € 270/night

Best budget hotel: l’Essenza Oasi Sensoriale, Torpè

The natural and primitive luxury of the soul

If you’re looking for a quiet place up in the mountains (Just 10 minutes from the coast), L’Essenza Oasi Sensoriale is perfect. L’Essenza Sensory Oasis is the only boutique hotel with a quatrefoil nuraghe architecture, created specifically to awaken your 5 senses with essential oils in eco-chic huts.
Secure your stay in one of the 4 stone and wood sensory huts.You will have such an intense experience – the stone, the healing herbs, the stars – that it will seem like you’ve come back in time…Wellness treatments, in-room aromatherapy with essential oils, a sumptuous breakfast: take your holiday to Sardinia to the next level, in a love nest made of wood and stone.

Rooms from € 210/night

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