Puglia Honeymoon: Top Romantic Experiences

Picturesque countryside, charming historic villages, love for the traditions, idyllic seaside destinations, fabulous restaurants..these are just few of many things that make Pulia the ideal location to realize your wishes! A Puglia honeymoon is increasingly chosen by couples from around the world… this wonderful land is a romantic place to begin a happy life together!

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If you are nature-lovers, the charming Pulia will surprise you, definitely! From the famous “masserie” of Salento with their ancient olive groves, to the “Trulli” in Valle d’ Itria… typical or luxury, they are absolutely perfect to enjoy the stunning natural landscapes of Puglia.

Whether you spend your nights on the beach watching the sun go down together, or head off on an adventure to one of the rustic towns for the day, Puglia’s landscape is one of romance.

What better way to discover Puglia than on honeymoon? Here the 10 best romantic experiences that you can’t miss during your Puglia honeymoon.

Grotta Palazzese Restaurant – Dinner in a cave

The charm of the sea and, if you are lucky, a romantic full moon are the perfect elements to complete the setting for a candlelit gourmet dinner at Grotta Palazzese Restaurant, one of the most spectacular restaurants worldwide. You have probably already seen this picture-perfect cave restaurant on Pinterest or Instagram whose location almost seems unreal.

The famous cave restaurant is located in a small city called Polignano a Mare. Tucked away in a limestone cave with dimmed lights and mystic flair, you have the perfect view of the clear blue water of the Adriatic Sea, while soaking up the unique atmosphere of this restaurant. It is always recommended to book a table in advance, you can decide between lunch and dinner time.

During the main season (1st of June – 15th of September) tables can only be reserved for two hours. The best time to reserve your table is around dusk, so you still have the great view of the sea, but you can also enjoy the mystic atmosphere while it is getting dark. This is undoubtedly a super romantic experience to live in two! website

Walk among the Trulli of Alberobello for unforgettable moments

Among the first places to visit there is certainly Alberobello, a perfect destination for lovers who want to keep an unforgettable memory of their honeymoon.
With its Trulli, Alberobello has an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

This city could be the perfect setting for a romantic movie. Why not yours? Visit the Rione Monti district, consisting of a large cluster of Trulli, built on the slopes of a slight hill.

Get lost in the alleyways and discover the tiny restaurants, shops and businesses hiding behind the white walls. While it’s nice to wander around in the sunshine, it becomes truly enchanting once night falls!

Romantic Hotels in Puglia

A romantic land, bathed by the sun where the climate is always mild and gastronomy is excellent: Valle d’Itria is a triangle of land surrounded by ancient olive trees, dry stone walls and stretches of Trulli as far as the eye can see. In short, it is the ideal destination to spend an unforgettable Puglia honeymoon.

If you love real experiences, off the beaten track, you could choose to stay in a luxury resort housed within a Trullo, the typical stone house with the characteristic cone-shaped roof like that of the Trulli Resort. Sleep in a Trullo, can be a special embrace for newlyweds seeking new emotions.

Another alternative type of accommodation from Puglia are the famous and appreciated masserie – elegant farms– and they are an excellent choice if you prefer to stay in a nature setting.

Some of these farms in Puglia have an elegant and luxury atmosphere like the beautiful Masseria Torre Coccaro, which offers all the privacy and services for a comfortable and special stay.

Another dream option, if you have a larger budget to spend, is to stay in a super-luxury hotel like that of the Peschiera Hotel 5*. A room with a veranda overlooking a few meters from the sea on one side and, on the other, a large swimming pool with all the amenities to relax and enjoy the sun of Puglia.

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Poetry Cave- an amazing natural swimming pool

Poetry cave can be undoubtedly included in the top list of the most beautiful natural seawater swimming pools in the world: it is located in Puglia’s Salento area, near the small town of Roca Vecchia. You can choose to go there during summer, but we recommend to choose September or October, when there are very few people and you can enjoy this wonderful place, you won’t have any words to describe the feeling you’ll have been in.

The name descends from a wonderful tale: a beautiful princess loved to swim in the clear water of the Cave and so, many poets came to Roca to dedicate their poems to her.

We really advice a little stop to admire this amazing landscape, but also to enjoy the clear blue-green water of the Poetry Cave.

Some important tips: first bring your own swimsuit and the sun protection, then very important are also proper shoes to walk on the rock,
it’s safer!

The Tremiti Islands: Sea, sky and love

If you want to have a really unique, out of the ordinary experience with your better half, head to the Tremiti Islands .
There are all the characteristics that a unique natural landscape requires: clear sea, rocky coasts, luxuriant nature… a true piece of heaven! The Tremiti islands represent the perfect mix between romanticism and beauty that your heart desires.

This small slice of heaven off the northern coast of the Gargano Peninsula is home for millennia of history. Visit the historic centre of the island of San Nicola, home to the Abbey of Santa Maria, built in 1045 by Benedictine monks, as well as the Castle of Badiali.

Stroll with your partner along the nature trails or dive into the blue sea with a mask and snorkel.

Romantic road trip in a vintage car

Revel in the experience of driving a vintage car through Italy’s Itria Valley, exploring quiet back streets lined with stone walls, century old olive trees, Negroamaro vineyards and panoramic roads looking over the sea.

Drive from town to town, taste regional Apulian delights, admire UNESCO heritage sites and after a long day’s drive lie back at the pool, content in your smugness, because how many people get to experience Italy via vintage car?

A great base to explore the region with your car is the stylish five star Relais Don Ferrante, a small (only ten rooms) boutique hotel located in the little seaside town of Monopoli. Housed in what used to be a fortress rising from the city walls next to the castle, the structure has been completely renovated respecting the architectural rules of the Middle Ages, using typical local stone and cocciopesto (crushed pottery).

Picture yourself on the wonderful terrace overlooking the sea at sunset, cuddled up to your sweet half, and there you have your perfect romantic moment!

Charter a yacht like a VIP

Make like a celebrity and take to the waters around Puglia on a luxury yacht. With only a limited number of passengers, these day trips have an exclusive air and are perfect for special occasions like your honeymoon. You can hire the whole boat for a romantic dinner or a small private party.

If you love the speed, you can hire a speedboat to navigate across the azure blue waters of the dramatic coastline between Polignano a Mare and Monopoli that is home of fascinating caves and rock formations.

Romantic Getaway: the Town of Trani

Experience an unmissable experience with a romantic day in the beautiful city of Trani, with its unmistakable Romanesque Cathedral overlooking the sea.

The ancient village is characterized by narrow streets and narrow streets that intersect each other, discovering during the walk small medieval churches, the Swabian castle, ancient synagogues of the medieval Jewish quarter and streets covered with white limestone, the famous “Stone of Trani”, which is the backdrop to this wonderful landscape.

After exploring the old town and the Jewish quarter, you’ll head towards its port. Once a destination for crusaders and pilgrims, the port is now a lively centre of city life where all roads converge. The port is full of modern boats, but the small fishing boats that bring fresh fish to the city is what will impress you most.

You’ll witness the fishermen selling their freshly caught product just as it’s been done for centuries. And for the end of the day, is there something better than a romantic dinner overlooking the sea?

Moments of relaxation in Apulia spas

In Apulia what is not lacking are the right alternatives to relax the body, the soul and the heart. Spoil yourself with a visit to one of the many spas that are available locally. They offer a variety of treatments and some have swimming pools, steam rooms and sauna facilities. You choose what suits you. The Relais Histó in Taranto is an example of elegance.

This Spa offers a range of services dedicated to relaxation lovers: sauna, turkish bath, water paths in spectacular heated pools both indoors and outdoors.

Or you can entrust your body to the wise hands of Marisa at the wellness centre in Cisternino. So you can visit one of the most beautiful and characteristic villages of Valle D’Itria.

If you prefer comfort, you can count on an even more exclusive service by requesting a message directly to the accommodation where you stay, without moving a step from your room!

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Explore the Itria Valley and its white villages

Immerse yourself in the Itria Valley and enjoy a true pleasure for the senses: lose yourself in the aromas of olive tree flowers among white towns, Trulli and dry stone walls.

Explore the circular town of Locorotondo, where you can take in the landscape of the Itria Valley from the public garden and Lungomare viewpoint. Locorotondo is one of the most beautiful ‘terraces’ in Apulia, overlooking the surrounding area at 400 metres above sea level.

The historic centre enchants with its whitewashed walls and brightly coloured geraniums beaming from the wrought-iron balconies. Next, head to Cisternino. Its unique historic centre arose spontaneously, but is made uniform with the whiteness of the lime. Finish the tour at Ostuni, with its unique town centre where the houses overlap, nearly intertwining.

Walk through the narrow streets of Ostuni hand in hand and marvel at the candour of the old town, the colours of the sunset while contemplating it from one of the many panoramic views. It is a charming place with its small shops and small restaurants hidden between alleys and buildings in white stone.

You will not want to leave when, outside the defensive walls of the old city centre, you will see the colours of the sea on the horizon after a large green area of olive groves.

Best time to Puglia Honeymoon

Any time. Apulia enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate year round.
Temperatures in the summer holiday months of July and August average 33°C while the shoulder months average 28°C. The nearby Tremiti Islands are very popular during the months of July and August. Autumn can be relatively hot and you can often take a dip in the sea even until early November. So, autumn is surely an ideal season for travelling to Apulia.

Puglia Romantic Hotels – Where to Stay

Best luxury hotel: Masseria Torre Maizza 5*, Savelletri di Fasano

Enjoy rustic Italian charm

Elegantly appointed within a vast estate overlooking the sparkling Adriatic Sea and surrounded by ancient olive groves and fragrant orange trees, Masseria Torre Maizza is a beautiful luxury hotel situated within a restored, historical watchtower dating back to the 18th century. Pilgrims and monks would seek refuge inside the fortified walls of the Masseria and the hotel remains a sanctuary of tranquillity and wellbeing to this day. Where Masseria Torre Maizza really excels, however, is in providing unique and unforgettable experiences for guests throughout their stay. These include horse riding, wine-tasting at the local wineries and gourmet bicycle tours to nearby mozzarella farms, olive oil farms and fisheries.

Best mid-range hotel: Hotel Don Ferrante 5*, Monopoli

A romantic and charming getaway for two

Don Ferrante is a charming house in Monopoli Old Town, an ancient fortress on the reef, close to the sea, in an enchanting atmosphere.From the moment you wake up, the sea breeze will follow you for the whole day, whilst the calm sea will be your soundtrack as you fall asleep.This stunning boutique hotel only has 10 rooms, meaning that this is the perfect place to seek peace and romantic moments. Unwind, relax and wonder if life can get any better than this…

Best budget hotel: Abate Masseria Resort, Noci

A really interesting little hotel combining typical Puglia architecture and hospitality with modern comforts

Built in an ancient ploughman’s residence (much of it dates back to the 17th century), it was once the agricultural factory of the local farmer. Going even further back, it actually belonged to an abbot (from whence it actually gets its name) who used to celebrate the holy mass every Sunday for the ploughmen in the area. The Abate Masseria Resort is a wonderful retreat for those looking for a romantic getaway in Puglia surrounded by forest and olive groves.

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