Sicily Honeymoon: Top Ten Romantic Experiences in Aeolian Islands

For your Sicily honeymoon, choose a stay on the Aeolian Islands. Did you know? Love and Aeolian Islands have been going hand in hand for a long time. The place has worked as a scenery for many fictional love stories that have left their own marks in history by turning into legends.

Once believed to be the home of Aeolus and Vulcan, the god of the winds and the god of fire, they are now worshipped by island-lovers drawn to the cobalt waters, secret coves, brooding volcanoes and windswept mountainsides. Mythological and magical, Italy’s volcanic Aeolian Islands huddle together about 40km off the main coast of Sicily.

With turquoise waters, secluded coves and sweeping mountains, you’ll find plenty of treasures hopping between the seven islands: from the Stromboli’s volcano to the mud baths, hot springs and black beaches of Vulcano, and Salina’s famous vineyards to the geysers and upmarket nightlife of Panarea, a stylish island where super yachts sit peacefully on the harbour.

What better way to discover Aeolian islands than on a Sicily honeymoon? Here the 10 best romantic experiences that you can’t miss in Aeolian Island during your Sicily honeymoon.

Ride a Vespa in Salina and relaxed at Capofaro

For some couple relaxation, escape to the Isle of Salina: the greenest and most laid-back island. Spend your days zipping around rugged hills on the back of a Vespa, meandering along its two extinct conical volcanoes, and kicking back at the beautiful bay of Rinella with its black sands and pink, white and blue houses.

For an unforgettable Sicily honeymoon, stay at the stunning Capofaro hotel. Capofaro is nature, volcano, land and sea: a place that stimulates all the senses. The Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia is a luxury wine resort complete with a panoramic views, gourmet restaurant and 27 rooms in total, 6 of them in the lighthouse, designed and adorned in the local Aeolian – minimalist style.

The spectacular property sits within the stunning, peaceful surroundings of five hectares of vineyard; a locanda surrounded by rows of vines reaching the clear blue sea, producing Malvasia, the typical wine of the island.

Days at Capofaro are spent lounging at the pool, cocktail in hand, snacking on club sandwiches packed with capers of course (and even caper mayonnaise). Wine tasting is also a fine activity.

For the ultimate romantic experience: Indulge in the mud baths on Vulcano

Diving in the outdoor warm mud baths while looking at the sea is definitely a unique experience!
The mud is a constant 28℃ and slathering each others skin is both fun and relaxing. Your skin will become incredibly smooth and soft like that of a child; you will also enjoy the benefits of the therapeutic properties of the sulphur mud.

We recommend using an old swimsuit and preparing to a strong smell of sulphur on clothing and skin for many days. However, it is surely worth it and after leaving you will definitely miss it.

The hot mud pools, the fascinating fumaroles, the warm water on the cliff: a natural spa with a unique view in front of a clear blue sea. It is a truly magical place for your Sicily honeymoon.

Sunset sailing cruise

Think about your Sicily honeymoon or even your day trip to the Aeolian islands as a movie. The Tyrrhenian Sea would be cast in the lead role. This bright blue sea, the seven different islands that all have unique experiences to offer, the magical beaches…

The archipelago lies scattered in the blue waters of the Northern Sicilian coast, where the Tyrrhenian Sea is transparent as glass.

You will discover the allure of ancient volcanoes, hidden caves, and unspoiled nature. All these are enough to make you want to have a boat tour of the Aeolian islands.

The best way to immerse oneself in the magical atmosphere of the Aeolian Islands is renting a sailboat or catamaran.

Our tip: A private sunset cruise around the Aeolian Islands could be an unforgettable moment during your Sicily honeymoon.

A romantic dinner by the sea – Vulcano

Spend the day lounging by the pool, lazing on the beach and come home to find an al fresco table laden with gastronomic delights, candles burning and a bottle of champagne…

At the Therasia Resort Sea & Spa you can celebrate your honeymoon in a natural setting where the atmosphere is steeped in unforgettable beauty. The Resort gives you the possibility to dine by yourselves in the deeply romantic gazebo on the terrace near the Spa, gazing out at the glimmering sun as it sets behind Filicudi Island, mirrored in the sea below.

The “Romantic Dinner” is an exciting meal in a highly romantic setting ideal for the celebration of a special moment. The tasting menu designed for the evening comprises seven exquisite courses, all carefully prepared in the kitchens of Il Cappero, the starred restaurant in the heart of Therasia Resort Sea & Spa.

The meal is an amazing journey through the finest food and wine, the aromas and flavours of Sicily, dishes imbued with the creative flair and culinary philosophy of the Chef. The cost of this dinner is €250 per person, beverages not included.

Private helicopter tour -fall in love with the grandeur of the Aeolian archipelago

For a different way to see Aeolian islands which will surprise your loved one, why not try a helicopter flight?

A private helicopter tour of the Aeolian islands and volcanoes will take you on an incredible sightseeing tour of some of Sicily’s most spectacular sites.

You will admire active volcanoes from the air: Vulcano and Stromboli and will have a stopover on the lovely island of Panarea to relax and taste the local specialities.

Here you will have about 2 hours to enjoy the beauty of this charming island where you will have time for swimming or a lunch to taste the excellent local food. The duration of the flight is 85 minutes.

Romantic sunset tasting in Lipari

Wine is romance in liquid form, and many consider it a powerful aphrodisiac, it provides a reason to slow down and spend time with the one you love. In Lipari, you will find the perfect place to celebrate love and wine.

Tenuta di Castellaro rises in the ideal position of Lipari to enjoy the best sunset of the whole island. From their pier every day you can admire a breathtaking landscape.

Living this extraordinary moment of the day with your loved one is a unique emotion that will live over time, unforgettable. The vineyard of Tenuta di Castellaro boasts of wines that are naturally grown, harvested and processed and the Malvasia delle Lipari is one of such wines.

Words cannot really do justice to the taste of this exquisite wine, so when you visit the Tenuta Di Castellaro, make it a point of duty to taste the Malvasia delle Lipari.

Relax in Salina – Best Romantic Hotel

If you are looking for somewhere romantic and relaxing to enjoy your Sicily honeymoon, we have found the perfect place for you.
Your honeymoon should be a time when you have literally nothing to worry about; you can focus completely on yourselves and one another.

If your dream has always been to spend a relaxing honeymoon in front of a sea of a thousand shades of blue you could consider to stay at Hotel Signum in Salina.

Hotel Signum has a total of 30 bedrooms, each one individually appointed and bearing the name of one of the fragrant plants which grow spontaneously on this, the greenest of the Aeolian islands.

Many of the rooms open out on to terraces and balconies from where to admire breathtaking views of the sea and the gardens which surround the hotel.

When you not basking in the sunshine by the hotel’s panoramic swimming pool, you might well be whiling away the day in Hotel Signum’s brand new Salus per Aquam Spa.

Secluded, in the silence, this dream corner, in pure Aeolian style, embellished with antique Sicilian majolica and tools, is made up of a typical garden with lemon and basins deputies to the thalasso therapy. For guests there is also a small bar serving herbal teas prepared with herbs and spices composed according to an exclusive Signum’s recipe.

The design of this beautiful wellness facility has been inspired by that of the traditional Aeolian thermal baths, as have many of the treatments – such as the steam baths to be taken in the “Thermal Stove”, a reproduction of the 3500 year old stove found in the ancient Roman baths of San Calogero in Lipari.

Stromboli Sunrise Hike

Watching the sunrise is just as romantic as watching it set. As the sun sets, it pulls the light down in the sky like a shade, and when it rises, it slowly warms the sky and everything below.

Hiking at sunrise is a great way to set a romantic tone for the rest of the day and allows you to experience the early morning magic as you feel the sun’s glow wrap around you and your companion.

If you can catch the sunrise above the stunning shapes of Sicily’s landscapes or the dazzling sea, you’ll have a special memory you can both cherish forever. For the ultimate sunrise, consider hiking Stromboli in the early morning hours.

Stromboli is a magnet for hikers and anyone curious about volcanoes. Prepare to watch the sun slowly blanket the island with golden light until it casts its rays upon the volcano and unique rock formations.

This is a limited edition excursion. It starts from June to September departure at 1h00 am and return at sunset. The rate of the climb is € 60 per person and includes the Guide, breakfast and return by boat to the Stromboli Scari pier.

The hike it takes about three hours to get to the top, with three or four intermediate stops. The way down it will be in the early morning and direct to the beach where you will get a nice breakfast before get on board the boat and navigate to Stromboli Scari dock.

Sicily Honeymoon – Useful tips

Cover yourself on the top where there is almost always wind. Provide for yourself a packed lunch, fruit, biscuits, chocolate and water. Do not wear contact lenses. The climb is forbidden for those who suffer of heart or general physical problems (bronchial asthma, diabetes, dizziness, etc.)

Stay at the most amazing resort: Therasia Resort 5*- Vulcano

The charming Therasia Resort is located on the Island of Vulcano and it is an amazing sight to behold. The atmosphere at the Therasia is refined and creates a sense of intimacy and privacy that makes it a wonderful location for a luxury vacation and for your honeymoon. Intimate, elegant and with an exceptional view, this is the only five-star structure on the island of Vulcano.

The hotel was built with an ingenious balance of locally sourced materials and contemporary décor. The allure of the hotel lies in the balanced link it has with the surrounding; the combination of coloured terracotta and volcanic stones as well as its location between the black rocks of the Vulcanello and the blue sea makes the hotel warm, welcoming and absolutely amazing.

The Theresia Resort boasts of exquisitely furnished rooms which are within walking distance of the beautiful beaches and visitors can take relaxing walks in the evenings after a long day of sightseeing.

The resort is the perfect place for whiling away the hours by the deep blue sea in a relaxing, intimate yet elegant environment. A splendid pool with overlooks the sea, ideal for unwinding with the energy of the hydro-massage.

The resort is also home to a Wellness centre offering a wide range of face and body treatments, helping you to rejuvenate and get back to shape. The resort’s magnificent terraces with breathtaking views boast memorable sunsets, accompanied by the sweet rhythm of live music.

Fall in love with Panarea

There is something magical about Panarea, the tiny Aeolian island, with its iconic white-painted buildings, has just 400 inhabitants—yet somehow still exudes an unmistakable sense of glamour. An interesting characteristic of Panarea that contribute to its uniqueness is the total non-existence of the carriageway.

In fact the ancient mule-tracks have been today restored for the only use of little electric cars or some little motor means of transport.

Another important characteristic: in the roads there aren’t electrical lights so that the nights in Panarea with its starry sky have really a magical effect.

With little rental boats you can enjoy of the beauty of the sea with its crystal-clear waters and its fantastic shores.

Stefano Gabbana
said: “Panarea is the island of love”.

Here, summer nights are lit by a thousand candles, spend on terraces overlooking glittering blue waters, with the feeling that you are suspended in time, between the sea and stars.” What could be more romantic?

Our tip: rent a traditional wooden boat to explore the caves around the island, and the two micro-islands of Basiluzzo and Lisca.

Best time to honeymoon in Aeolian islands

The Aeolian Islands weather benefits from its position in the south of Italy. Officially, the tourist season on the Aeolian Islands begins on June 1 and ends on August 31.

In general, the best time to visit the Seven Sisters is from early April to October. But you have to consider two things: Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian islands.

But you know that you will not be the only one who desires them: Summer is also the most crowded season.

Spring and early Autumn are the seasons recommended for hikers: the islands are not crowded and the temperatures are pleasant but not sultry, ideal conditions to discover the breathtaking nature of these small islands.

Aeolian Romantic Hotels – Where to Stay

Best luxury hotel: Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia 5*, Malfa

The idyllic Italian island getaway

A luxurious, five-star boutique resort on the island of Salina; a stay at Capofaro is almost overwhelmingly magical, unavoidably romantic – just the thing for a very special honeymoon.
Set amidst a working vineyard producing Malvasia wine, Capofaro is arguably the best boutique hotel on Salina Island.
A huddle of low white buildings look out past the vines to the deep blue shimmer of the ocean. Guests recline by the decked pool, and at night the view from the restaurant stretches to the horizon, where sparks fly dramatically from the distant volcano of Stromboli.

Best mid-range hotel: Principe di Salina Hotel 4*, Malfa

A romantic holiday far from ordinary

This small charming hotel on the Island of Salina, one of the seven pearls of the Aeolian Islands, is perfect for relaxing and wellness holidays and for a fantastic honeymoon.
The whitewashed interiors are reminiscent of a Greek getaway, but don’t be fooled, the hotel’s all about creating authentic Italian experiences. It is surrounded by vineyards and has a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi with thermal water and panoramic terraces with sea view.

Best budget hotel: Hotel l’Ariana 4*

The Luxury of simplicity

Built in the beginning of the 1900’s and situated on rocks sloping into the sea, it has the charm of a colonial villa and the comforts of a modern hotel. 15 comfortable rooms furnished with taste help to make your stay magical: large terraces and windows open panoramic views that range over the islands of Lipari, Vulcano, Filicudi up to the wonderful Sicilian coast and the imposing peak of Mount Etna. A delightful cove adjacent to the hotel offers an excellent point for a relaxing bath while a little further away lies the rock of Ariana, the legendary mermaid who with her song attracted ships to the rocks. L’Ariana is an ideal place to spend a romantic honeymoon in a friendly atmosphere amongst untouched natural surroundings.

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